PoweredTemplate – Get the best Graphic Diagrams

PowerPoint is an amazing tool for presentations and meetings. It is one such tool which has single-handedly revolutionized the board meeting, and presentations, may it be a school, college or an office. It has such an important role to play in our lives, that everyone is reading this blog post, may at some point in their lives have used PowerPoint to prepare a presentation. And if I tell you that you might not be exploring the full potential of the tool, not yet, you may be surprised. Some of you may even think that I am exaggerating things here. But trust me on this one, and this is all the post is all about.

Before we begin, let us see that what are the things and the key elements which make up a beautiful presentation beautiful. Some of you may think, that it is the content and the skill of the speaker who is delivering the presentation. It may be partially correct, but the most important factor is your content delivery and the design of the presentation. A beautifully designed presentation just leaves your audience in awe. Let me explain this by an example here. Since we all know that Android Phones, really do perform better than an iPhone in benchmarks. Now when I say this, do not misjudge me, I am just handpicking a few devices, and not starting an Apple vs. Android fanboy war here. But what do you think that Apple does, which makes iPhone single-handedly the most sold and followed device? Yes, you got it right, it is the design of their presentation. Ever look at an iPhone advertisement, and compare it with an Android one, you will feel what I’m trying to conclude here. So coming back to our topic, which is making a beautiful presentation beautiful.

Now since I made my point in the previous paragraph, let’s get things started here. Now the thing that makes a beautiful is the design, and how well you make your presentation stand out from the cliché presentations that are being thrown at the face of the audience quite often. And here comes the PoweredTemplate to the rescue. In a nutshell, it is the perfect design solution which you might need to design your powerpoint slides so well, that they might leave your audience dumbstruck.

Here are some of the features and the services the PoweredTemplate will provide you with.

Out of the Box Design:

They have some of the most professional looking and the templates which may strike you hard at the first glance. And not even the Microsoft Powerpoint, their templates even support Google Slides. There is no complaining about the creativity in their templates, hands down. You can find newly added templates here: http://www.poweredtemplate.com/ppt-powerpoint-design-templates.html


Diagrams and Charts:

Every presentation has some data to display and some facts and figures in a visual form so that they become more comparable rather than just raw numbers. And this is where the charts and the diagrams come into play. They have a wide collection of the templates which are waiting for you, like cubes, ladders, blocks and much more. And that is a steal at the price they offer all these features. You can browse their library of charts and diagrams by clicking here.



Though this feature some users might not even need, but just in case you want it, they have it covered as well. A map which you will purchase from Poweredtemplate will include at least 50 slides, with all sorts of color combinations and styles, which will make it worthwhile watching and having in your presentations.


Clip Art:

Clip arts are other elements which you require in your presentations for making them more presentable, and intriguing. They have such a vast collection of clip art that you won’t even think about any other third party clip art for that matter. Also, they will provide you with some free clip art, but just in case you want to expand, there is always an option to buy them anytime you want.


Hire Them for Custom Designs:

By now you might have got a decent knowledge, that they provide you with a vast variety of tools and other key elements to make your presentation not only look beautiful, but also make it stand out of the crowd. But just in case, that you aren’t really satisfied with all that, you can make them design a custom template for your presentation, just the way you like it. No matter what you want, want design, or color combination, the PoweredTemplate will do it for you. And they provide this services for just an amount of $195. Sure you, at first, might think, that this is expensive, but think again, how much would a professional designer charge you? Considering all other factors, this might be your best bet.


Along will, all those features, the templates which you will be buying are supported across a wide variety of platforms. Of course, Microsoft and the Google Slides are the obvious candidates here, but along with them you get the support for OpenOffice, and Keynote as well. And along with the template designs, they also provide with website templates, and Print Designs, along with Word Templates. All in all, they could replace your professional designer. So why not give them a try?


The screenshot below shows that you can have either Silver membership or Gold Membership for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or for even 12 months.


Rest you can get the details on their website.

Please let us know what do you think about them in the comments below.

What is Whatsdog? Its Alternatives

Whatsapp is one of the most widespread and popular social messaging apps for all mobile users. Almost everyone is using this app today for business or private messaging. Since it has been used by many people, it is very difficult to keep an eye on someone’s activity, when they are using this app, how long they stayed online, and how many times they stayed online, etc. To do this, you need a spy app known as WhatsDog. This spy app is designed to monitor the online activity of your contacts. This app is quite easy to use. It is best for parents to keep track on the online activity of their children.

 Having Security is very important on Whatsapp and everyone should use it to avoid unwanted activities.  This way, WhatsDog will do it for you to track online activity of anyone. But there are several other apps that can track activities of other people online.


It shows the detailed log of the person so you can know who they are talking to, including their number and name.  It emails the whole chat log to your registered email address. This app also allows you to record calls on the target device. You can trace all the received and sent SMS on the device with this app. In fact, you can also trace the location of the target device. All you have to enable mobile data, GPS and Google location services.


mSpy is a well-known spy portal offering parents with the access to their kid and management to their staff’s mobile phones. Be it Viber, FB, Email, Whatsapp or any app tracking, mSpy can offer you access to any device. It has a lot of amazing features under professional and personal tracking packages.  You may get more details on the official site and choose the package according to your needs. It gives you full-term user-friendly Android/iPhone monitoring features.


This app has features to track people’s behavior and phone monitoring on any device. This spyware app can help you see their activity on your device. Once the installation is done, you can immediately start spying on any number. It records all details and reveals how they are listed while buying the package. You may also get sensitive details with these packages and intercept the entire chat data with ease.


It is one of the best tracking apps offering several features needed by spyware. It has a unique feature to spy on the activity of someone else without letting them know. It has helpful customer care and effective plans for both professional and personal use. You can get the info without letting anyone know about it. You can spy on Whatsapp and do the spying on account of anyone.


This app is helpful to silently monitor iDevices and Smartphones. You can monitor the real data and access any device with this tracking app.


It is yet another best spy tool to track Whatsapp conversation. You can trace anyone’s activity in real time. Cellphone tracking is not a hard thing to do with this mobile app. You can spy on various activities.

Highster Mobile

This tracker app comes with the best tablet and iDevice solutions. It is also helpful to trace other smartphones and devices but it lies well with iDevices. Jailbreaking these devices are important to download any kind of spying tool. You can do it with ease. You can download the app and start targeting device


This is the app used to monitor your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend to check their loyalty and get the best insight on what they are doing in your absence. Having a trust in relationship is important. But having blind trust on someone can sometimes be dangerous.

7 Cool Motivational Apps For Android

Motivation helps us to achieve our goals! It is an interesting psychological theory. If you are working continuously or studying hard, things can get worse at times. Then, the motivation comes to the screen to help you. Motivation always gives us positive energy to complete the task.

Nowadays there are apps for everything. You can do any kind of stuff directly from your smart device. Get surprised as there are motivational apps as well which you can use when you feel demotivated.

As per TechTricksWorld.com, you can motivate yourself by doing a few things, and self-motivation is very important.

Recently, I went to Google Play Store to find an app for my own use. I installed and tried many motivation apps. Some I found high-end, some are simple to use. There are four different types of the term for this kind of app – Goal, Milestone, Habit, and Tasks. However, some apps track down all of these terms, where some app focus on the specific term.

Although, there are hundreds of apps for helping you motivate. Here I am sharing with you 7 cool motivation apps for Android that I found useful for me.

  1. Fabulous – Motivate Me!

This app is best of its kind. This app downloaded millions of times and listed as Editors’ choice in play store. Fabulous is a science-based coaching app to help you increase your energy and health, lose weight and sleep better. Furthermore, it helps you to create your healthy habits and routines for your life. In fact, Fabulous app guidance you reach any of your Health & Productivity goals by serving you a step-by-step guide.

Fabulous is not only a powerful app but also a stylish app with a proper user interface and experience. Also, this app has a ‘Rocket Launch’ button on the homepage to help you display only ongoing rituals.

  1. Forest: Stay focused

Are you addicted to your phone or just cannot put it down? Forest app comes to an impressive solution. First, you have to plant a seed in the app and within 30 minutes seed will slowly grow into a tree. But, if you cannot maintain your phone attraction and leave this app to check Facebook or play a game, your tree will die.

Forest app helps you to stay focused and get more stuff done. It has an option to share your forest and compete with friends. Additionally, you can track your history, earn rewards, unlock more tree species, customize whitelist. Forest apps also provide you browser extensions.

  1. Get S*it Done!

After a few hours of fully motivated, we found ourself watching latest music videos or browsing Facebook. Are you tired of all this delay? Do you need help for up your productivity? This app will assist you to get that shit done.

This app lets you set your goals and goals time. It helps focus on just one goal at a time, without any distractions. With this in mind, it divides your goal into subgoals with a smart break management system. You will have no more excuses left for not to work done.

  1. HabitBull – Habit Tracker

HabitBull app is created for organizing your life. This app lets you set reminders for each and every habit, and displays them on days when you need to be complete. It is especially useful for them who have a to-do list with repeating tasks. Also, it helps you to do the same thing every day. Additionally, you can use this app as a calendar planning tool or checklist.

This habit tracker app can help you to build habits like taking your pills regularly, exercise daily or keep to a diet. It can also helpful for people suffering from amnesia. HabitBull app can be a useful goal tracking tool to you. Also as a smart notebook to help you while breaking bad habits.

  1. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Habitica makes it simple to have fun while stays motivated and organized. This app gives you a gaming experience during finishing goals.

Habitica app offers you to input your habits, goals, and to-do list. Also, you can create a custom avatar for fun. You have to finish tasks to level up your avatar and unlock features like armor, pets, skills, or quests. Moreover, you can fight monsters with friends and use your gold to purchase in-game rewards. Habitica is the gamer way to motivate yourself to achieve anything.

This app currently in beta.

  1. Workout Trainer: fitness coach

This cool app helps you with your fitness goals. Workout Trainer app helps you to get in the best shape with thousands of free workouts and custom training programs.

This trainer app is perfect for them who want to get in shape without any exercise equipment. It specializes in any kind of workout. Moreover, you can use the app to get a six pack, lose weight, develop your running, and more. Workout Trainer is the best app to crush your goals and stay motivated.

  1. Shuffle My Life – Things to do

This app helps you become more friendly, impulsive and skillful. Shuffle My Life app help you discover new places, hobbies, people and more.

This app has task according to weather conditions, season, time of day, and your location. Additionally, it comes to Halloween tasks, snow-based activities, summer fun, things to do outside. It has activities category based on creativity, fitness, knowledge, media, nature, offbeat, productive, social and urban.

7 Android Shortcuts You Should Know

Do you know why people love technology?
Or why technology invents?
Of course, for doing stuff quicker.

Here come the beauty of Android. Android not only come with more functions to help you doing more stuff but also it helps you do stuff faster.

In the early days of Android, it has been just some bulky operating system, created for beta testing. But now, Android not only looks cool but performs equally well. Android is now most widely used mobile platform with the massive update by Google.

Although you may feel sometimes some action taking more time than it should. In that case, you can use numerous built-in Android shortcuts (you can create your own shortcuts).


Photo Credit: Pexels

Let’s say you are casually browsing Facebook timeline and you suddenly found a comment and want to show it to your friends. What will you do? Go back to home screen and swipe between menu until you found the screenshot app. You will definitely do this unless you know an Android shortcut for the screenshot.

Here I am going to share with you 7 important Android shortcuts you should be aware of:

  1. Launch Camera app

You may already know; you can access the camera app from the lock screen on your Android. It has a camera shortcut icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You just have to tap, hold and swipe that icon to take a quick shot from your locked Android device.

There is another shortcut on Android Marshmallow and later versions that let you access camera apps quickly, and you can use it anytime on any screen, even when your device is locked. First, enable the option ‘Press power button twice for the camera’ from settings (display). And then, you just have to double-click the power button.

  1. Activate Do Not Disturb mode

Sometimes you want to off all calls, chats, notifications, or any alert for the certain time. You can do this from Settings menu or pull-down Quick Settings window shade. I guess you already know that.

But latest Marshmallow has something more to offer you. You can switch to “Do Not Disturb” mode quickly by the press and hold the volume-down button. After the action, your Android will switch into an “alarms only” mode. To deactivate the option, just press and hold the volume-up button.

  1. Pull down to refresh

This trick could be very useful and handy for you if you stack on a specific webpage or apps, or you want to reload that page for some other reason. Nearly all Android browsers and apps support this shortcut. Just drag down on the page for refresh or reload. Once you have dragged enough, a spinning refresh icon will appear and within a few seconds, the page will reload.

  1. Quick Responses to Callers

Sometimes you are not in the mood or position to answer a call instead you may want to response the caller with SMS. In this case, you just have to swipe up on the incoming call screen and choose what text you want to send. There is a few pre-set template, but you can write your own too.

  1. Unlock your phone with Smart Lock

I noticed its presence since I am using lollipop but did not try the function for long times. But finally I activate it, it’s working excellent. Smart Lock allows your device to keep unlocked when specific criteria are met. As long as Smart Lock is active, you no need to worry about input your PIN, pattern, or password to unlock the device.

To enable Smart Lock go to the Settings » Security menu and set Screen Lock (If didn’t already) and then enable Smart Lock after back in the Security menu. There are several options to set, choose whichever you prefer.

  1. Play smart with your own J.A.R.V.I.S.

Even if you are not an Iron Man fan, you definitely wish that you have someone like J.A.R.V.I.S. ( artificial intelligence). Well, you have something similar in your Android. All you just have to do is say “OK Google.”

First, make sure that ‘Ok Google’ detection is enabled to access it any screen in Settings » Voice. Now, you can use your voice commands to ask a query, control settings, launch apps, send messages, set alarms, set reminders, take notes, make calls, navigate to a place, play music and more.

  1. Take a Screenshot

Most Android versions come with a built-in function to take a screenshot anytime. You just have to press the Power + Volume Down button combo. Sometimes, manufacturers come with an alternate combo. You can search them on the internet.

5 Hike Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

We have a lot of instant messaging apps for our Smartphones. Hike is one of the most popular instant messengers which keep your near and dear ones closer. Hike is one of the most popular messengers with around 50 million downloads and 4.3 rating in Google Play store. Hike Messenger has a lot of new and lesser-known features.

Here are the tips and tricks to do more with Hike Messenger:

1. Bit Sized News

If you want to stay up-to-date but don’t like to use a separate news app, Hike is the best messenger to get news updates.

  • Open the messenger
  • On the top right corner, press 3 White Buttons
  • Select “Rewards/”
  • Tap “News on ”
  • Now tap on “Get It Now!” and Hike will send updates as messages.

2. Hike Coupons

With the whole new Hike coupons, you can save more on online shopping. The app will keep you informed about coupon codes to save money on online shopping and eating at various popular restaurants.

  • Go to “Rewards/Extras” by tapping on 3 white buttons
  • Go to “Free Coupons” and it will display popular coupons.
  • Go to “Restaurant” menu to collect coupons for nearest restaurant
  • Choose your area
  • In “Shopping” menu you can get money for online shopping.

Some of the largest online partners are Uber, Amazon, Askmebazaar, Peter England, Shopclues, Lenskart, GoIbibo, Myntra, Dominos, Printvenue, etc.

3. Photo Filters & Doodles

Photo editing has become the important part of our day to day life. A lot of instant messaging apps let you send pictures as is. But Hike makes image editing easier with these tips –

  • On the contact’s chat, tap on “Paper Clip” symbol
  • In Gallery option, choose picture or camera option
  • After clicking picture or selecting it, draw a doodle or apply filters. You can change thickness of brush with “+” and “-“ buttons

4. Share Files Offline

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still send files.

  • Tap on “Hike Direct” from three white buttons
  • It will prompt you to choose a contact. Keep in mind that the person should be within the range of 100 meters.
  • Then you can send the files

5. Chat with Natasha (Your Personal Assistant)

Whether in real life or on online services, personal assistants are assigned to make your routine life easier. You can just enjoy the benefits when one is available on your messenger. Hike is one of few messengers that is offering virtual personal assistant at your service.

  • Open hike and go to top right corner and click on three white buttons
  • Go to “Rewards/Extras” and tap on “Natasha on ”
  • Then you will see the 2D picture of her with a button “Hi Natasha.” You can tap on this button
  • Soon you will get a reply from her with all the services listed that are offered to you, such as –
    • #quiz – Play quiz about GK, Bollywood, Cricket and other topics
    • #wordrush – Play word rush for entertainment and to upgrade your English skills
    • #weather Place – get weather updates on your desired place
    • #coupons – get some amazing coupons
    • #fakecall – Stuck in an awkward situation? Get a fake call now to escape
    • #quote – get inspiring quotes
    • #more – Access more services like #wiki Name, #movie name, #Dict word to know the meaning of any word, #fact to get some mind-blowing facts, and #book Name to know about any book.

Hike has got another update, i.e. pattern lock feature, to protect your chats from unwanted stalkers.


Best Music for Workouts

Who doesn’t love music?

And, when it comes to car drive in the rain or working out in the gym, music is the best buddy you want to accompany with.

Working out is great for health, and that makes you sporty person. Nowadays people love to play video games and online games more than the outdoor games. One of my friends is so busy with the gaming online that he discovered websites that I never heard of, one of being cacuoc88vn.com which is a great website for playing betting games.

Though playing games online is fun, it may affect your health if you don’t work out and you also don’t play outdoor games. Therefore, make a habit of working out to stay fit and healthy.

Whether you are a girl or boy, working out can make you hotter and sexier, and you know, everyone prefers a partner who looks smart and hot. So, don’t skip sweating in the gym.


Photo credit: Pexels

When it comes to working out in a gym, music is needed there as it gives you push to put more efforts in the gym.

Below are 5 best music for workouts

1. Black Sabbath “Iron “

Black Sabbath “Iron Man” is good music that keeps you on the track of lifting the dumbles high, and you feel more energetic to lift up, even more, weight.

2. Workout Music 2016 – Pump Up Music #3

This is the perfect music for everyone who loves to work out in the gym or even on the streets. We found it best while you run fast on the treadmill or running around the tracks. The high beats of the music take in another world of sports, and you feel like energetic.

3. Metallica – Enter Sandman

When you listen to Metallica – Enter Sandman at high volume while lifting up weight, you will enjoy your work even more, and you won’t get tired easily. The heavy riffs and rhythms in this song, are perfect for your workout.

4. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

The lyrics are good, and suit the best while working out in the gym. If you are a lover of lyrics more than the beats, this is for you. If you are interested more in beats and bass, you should skip this music while working out. It is definitely a power song for

5. 2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up

This is basically a song that verbally assaults on Notorious BIG and brags about sleeping with someone’s wife. It’s great for working out as it shows anger and cockiness.


Music gives motivation, energy, and many more feeling that they simply offer and you realize only when you listen to them. You cannot make someone  believe theoretically about the music benefits. It’s something that you come to know when you feel.

In the school days, when we sit to do mathematics, we used to listen to songs as that improved the speed of solving the questions. It just happens.

In the same way, you need energy and motivation to do more while working out. Music does improve productivity to a great extent.

We would advise that don’t work out without music, and these 5 can be great ones for you.

Try these!

6 Best Instant Chat apps for Android/iOS

Nowadays, traditional SMS text message is almost dead. Easy-to-use messaging apps are now in the limelight. WhatsApp, Telegram, and all other apps out there offer free text messaging. And not to mention, the features for voice calling, video hangout, or file-sharing to other users.

There are a lot of instant messaging apps available, and you can choose them according to your taste and needs. This is the new way to communicate. Also, it is easier than talking on the phone or waiting for a reply to your email.

Here are the 6 Best Instant Chat apps for Android/iOS that I sort out for you:

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a simple and secure messaging app available for free for Android, iOS, and other smartphones. It uses the internet connection to let you message and call your contacts. WhatsApp let you send and receive text, voice and video messages. Also, you can share documents, photos, videos file with friends.

Also, WhatsApp let you do group chats with your contacts. It also available on your desktop so you can send and receive messages right from your browser. It does not rely on username or password; you need a phone number just like SMS. Besides, Whatsapp allow you to share current location, customize wallpapers and notification sounds, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once.

Additionally, there’s no extra charge to use WhatsApp internationally.

  1. Viber

Viber is a messenger that is faster & easier than texting on your phone that also for free. This messenger also uses your phone’s internet connection to let you send text messages, share photos & videos. Additionally, you can add stickers, or make voice calls and video chats for free.

You can send text messages, snap photos and shoot videos, draw doodles, share locations, record audio messages and send files. Furthermore, It brings your messages to life by sending playful and colorful stickers, animations, and emoticons.

Not only you can group chats with up to 200 members but also you can ‘like’ each other’s messages. Again, no need to worry about username or password. You just need your phone number. It also can instantly integrate your contact list. Additionally, you can play games with friends & challenge their scores.

Viber messenger now automatically encrypted your all conversation so no need worries about the third party.

  1. Telegram

Telegram is a super-fast, simple, secure and free messaging app. This app also can integrate sync across all of your devices. You can send an unlimited number of messages, photos, videos. You can also share any file format with this app. Also, Telegram lets you groups chat with up to 5000 people. Moreover, you can create channels here, and this app allows you to sends messages to unlimited subscribers.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger let you instantly reach the people in your life for free. Not only just Facebook friends but also you can message people in your phone book. Create groups with an unlimited number of friends. Also, you can shoot videos and photos right from the app and send them with one tap. As usual like another messenger it also offers free voice and video call.

  1. Skype

Skype is famous for its video calling feature. Furthermore, you can send a super-fast instant message, or you can call internationally from a personal design number. Also, you can have the video conversation with up to 25 people. You can also call outside of Skype with very low fees. Additionally, you can add up to 300 people to group chat.

  1. WeChat

WeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you to connect with people across borders easily. It’s a communications app for text, voice, video calls, moments, photo sharing, and games. Again, you can calls to landlines and mobile internationally at low rates. Also, you can add 500 people to group chats and up to 9 people to group video calls. Moreover, you can add customize wallpaper and notification sound.

5 New Whatsapp Tips and Tricks 2016

Whatsapp has quickly risen from a small startup to one of the most successful instant messaging apps in the world. It is certainly the creator of your social life too.

Now most of us are part of over a billion users on the growing network. And as usual, you are looking for ways to make our WhatsApp experience a little smoother. Though you use it each and every day, you may be unaware of the cool tricks and secret opinions you can do with this app.

Well, here we present you 5 New Whatsapp Tricks of 2016 to make your Whatsapp life bit easier.

  1. Send the same message to multiple contacts (without them knowing)

There is a feature called “Broadcast Lists” in the top left of the WhatsApp chat screen. This lets you send the same message to multiple people at the same time without them knowing. These features work like the BCC function on emails.

It is best used when you want to invite people to a party or asking multiple people for any event. At least it’s better than the Facebook event or group chat. It gives them a feel that you are asking them personally. Because they will have no idea that the message was not only sent to them but everyone from your list.

Just go to ‘Chats’ and open ‘Broadcast Lists’ from the upper-left corner, click on the ‘New List’, add your desired contacts and write them your message, and finally hit send.

  1. Format the text in WhatsApp messages

After a long time of waiting, Whatsapp finally comes with text formatting features with their latest update. Now you can format your messages by adding symbols in before and after.

* To make your message or specific words bold in Whatsapp just add asterisks symbols in before and after. e.g. I am *working* now.

* For make your message or specific words italic in Whatsapp just add underscores symbols in before and after. e.g. I am very _sad_ now.

* To make your message or specific words strikethrough in Whatsapp just add tildes symbols in before and after. e.g. ~I am busy now~

You can also use multiple symbols before and after a word, such as I am _*busy*_ now

  1. Avoid the trouble of blue ticks

Blue ticks in Whatsapp can break you happy lives and relationships. But there have an always a way to get rid.

In this case, Whatsapp read receipt relies on your internet connection so if you can close the internet, there will not have to worry about blue ticks anymore.

Just active the airplane mode, read the message in WhatsApp and properly close down the app. Again deactivate your airplane mode, do your rest of work and live happily ever after.

  1. Stop people knowing when you were online

This feature is the disgusting part of any messaging apps. The ‘last seen’ or ‘last online’ option give your personal information to someone. E.g. when you start your study or go to bed.

Just go inside your Privacy settings, tap Last Seen and customize who can see your last online activity. You can customize for certain people or everyone.

  1. Find out who are your best friend (messages most)

Whatsapp is now our social world. We like to know who reply us most or who is your best social friend. Go to settings in WhatsApp, and then account. Now click on ‘Storage Usage’ and you are now able to see whom you messages most.

Also, you can now use WhatsApp on your computer by visiting web.whatsapp.com on your browser. You can also share documents directly from your Google Drive or iCloud Drive into a WhatsApp chat by tapping upper-left corner and select share documents.


7 Best Music Player Apps for iOS

The stock music app on Apple offers you to choose the music you want to listen to quickly and easily. However, while Apple is showing constant interest in streaming music, it has not focused on creating a powerful music player for its iOS ecosystem.

But, if you are looking for more playlist options, social integration, or a safer option while driving, The App Store has several music app alternatives to offer you.

Most of these alternative apps try to simplify the experience of playing songs on your IOS device or offer more natural ways of controlling your listening sessions. Music on the iPhone is not only about the playback features but also about usability factor too.

I can’t promise you that this is the list of best music player apps for your iOS device. But, these music player apps have different features, usability, technology, and art to offer you.

  1. Ecoute

This music player app is best for quick playback on your iOS device. Ecoute opens with a welcoming grid of album art. This app is the most well designed and elegant music app. Ecoute love by users for it dark mode on low light, the smoothness of navigation and the overall simplicity of this app.

You can switch the main view from albums to artists, composers, genres, playlists, compilations, songs, and Audiobooks according to your choice.

Ecoute is happily integrating AirPlay and iTunes Match. Also, Twitter, Facebook, and Last.fm so you can share your favorite tracks there.

  1. Cesium

Cesium feels a lot like greeting an old school. Although, it visually looks like a modern version of the native Music app. This music app is very easy to use – easily reached with one hand and simple gesture oriented. It is liked by users for the purpose of it customizable, organized, and stable features.

You can swipe left to add to queue, swipe right to play or shuffle. You can also edit, reorder or shuffle your Queue at any time. Cesium app lets you sort playlists by artist, album, year and more. Use Classical Mode to sort preferred genres by the composer. It comes with features like Customizable Tabs, Night Mode, Custom Themes, Landscape Mode.

Cesium can gladly stream and play from your iCloud music library.

  1. TapTunes

TapTunes is best for rediscovering your music collection. It is not only stylish in appearance, but also equally powerful in performance. You can definitely discover your music collection in a new way with their highly customizable advanced options. You will experience your collection like never before.

TapTunes offers you five unique displays, gesture playback controls, music shuffle. It also offers seamless switching between music, audiobooks, and podcasts. You can highly customize your collection with over 25 settings. You can also share your collection to Facebook, Twitter, messages, email, etc.

  1. iAudioGate

iAudioGate is best for the high-end audio experience. This music player app is famous for high-quality sound playback engine. It has the ability to play DSD format and recognized as a world leader in DSD technology.

Also, iAudioGate can play a wide range of audio types. You can also easily adjust their the high-definition graphic equalizer. It comes with a feature to reproduce your favorite music with higher quality. It allows you to stream directly from AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.

  1. Stezza

Stezza is famous for simple, distraction-free and decent playback. This player offers you an awesome alternative with large buttons and a bold interface. Its interface helps you to reach main buttons with one hand. You can give a quick glimpse everything you need on the main screen. It can play directly from your iTunes library and also has the ability to stream in iCloud Music.

You can find this player is very useful when you are at the gym or driving a car.

  1. Picky

Picky gives you full control over how you want to browse and want to listen to your collections. It lets you filter your library to choose exactly the music you want to hear. Picky is helpful to them who carry lots of music on their iOS device.

  1. Musicloud

This free app created to give you a smooth experience while listening, managing and syncing your music collection. You can access your favorite music across all platforms and all cloud systems. Also, Musicloud allows you to sort your collection by artist, track name, date, duration. It also displays lyrics while listening to music. This player also comes with stylish audio visualizer and an equalizer with BassBooster.

What to do When you iPhone Data is lost?

Are you an iPhone user? Have you ever faced data loss on your device?

If your answers are Yes, this blog post is exclusively for you.

How you may lose data on your iPhone?

There are many reasons and causes of data loss on your iPhone. During the software upgrade you may lose some or all of your data. Sometimes while walking, your phone may fall down, and you can lose your data.

If not all these, you may mistakenly delete your data. Yes, at times, doing something else, we just delete our important data on our phone.

In iPhones, replacing batter is like doing factory reset, and while replacing batteries sometimes you may lose your data.

Failed Jailbreak attempts can result into data loss as well.

There are many causes of data loss which can happen anytime anywhere. So, why not keeping your iPhone safe, and try to avoid such things.

Ways to protect your iPhone data

You can have an iCloud account, and sync your iPhone with it. So that your data will be backed up there. Keep the iCloud password a bit complex so that no can hack into it and delete your backup.

You can make the backup of iTunes, and keep them safely on your computer’s hard drive.

Activate 2-step authentication to protect your data when your iPhone gets stolen.

Use a strong iPhone case so that even if your phone falls down, it won’t get any damage.

There are many ways to protect your data on iPhone. But, still you many face such data loss situation because you never know when the bad thing happens with your phone.


Technology has the solution for everything and we have many software programs that can recover lost data from iPhone.

Most of the issues I heard are about losing messages, and as I said there are software programs that recover all type of lost data from iPhone, that can also do the iPhone message recovery as well.

Just like in our life, problems and issues can happen anytime with our devices too, and same for iPhones as well. They are not from other planet. They are also the electronic devices and can have issues just like normal Android and Windows phone.


There are protection measures that you can consider to stay safe but if you still lose your data, you can get the help of some software programs to recover the deleted data. Mobiledic is one of such tool that helps you recover all type of lost data from iPhone.