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10 Best Torch Apps for Android

A lot of phone makers have been adding a flashlight app or a toggle in settings. But there are still some smartphones that don’t have default flashlight app. So, we have listed some of the third-party Flashlight apps that have become a lot popular for a good reason.


  1. Color Flashlight

It is one of the best torch apps available on Google Play as it has lots of amazing features. It needs lowest permissions and it can turn your LED flash on. It can also turn your device’s screen into LED flashlight of different shapes, colors, patterns and sizes. Though it contains ads, it doesn’t have any permission limitation to transfer your personal data.

  1. Flashlight by SimGears

This app includes 4 widgets which can be placed on your lock screen or home screen to provide easy access to flashlight. It also comes with in-built functionality where it detects that you have kept your phone into pocket and turns the flashlight off automatically to save time and battery. It stays on even the screen is locked. If you don’t like annoying ads, you can easily disable them in app settings.

  1. Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc

Also known as Flashlight, this app is powered by Mobile Apps Inc. It features decent interface, in-built SOS signal, if you need any help, and a slider to change patterns. The app also features a compass if you are on the dark way and need both compass and flashlight.

  1. Flashlight HD LED

It is yet another app which uses both your LED flash and home screen to make flashlight. You can control Flashlight HD LED through your home screen widget which is added. You can also transform your screen into flashlight and use your desired color from the color picker option. Without any whistles and bells, it is very simple.

  1. Privacy Flashlight

Privacy Flashlight is made by SnoopWall. As the name suggests, it fulfills the need of privacy. This flashlight app actually stands true to its name.  It uses only a few permissions which are important and is very small sized, i.e. below 1 MB. It also features widget for a minimal app interface. For fun read, it also describes the issue with flashlight and privacy concerns are far more detailed.

  1. Flashlight Mega Flashlight

It is yet another flashlight app which works with both LED flash and device screen on its back. This device can literally switch in different patterns, such as Morse code and emergency. This app is very simple and app description explains why its camera asks for camera permissions.

  1. Super Bright LED Flashlight

It is actually a very popular and interesting app and it just asks for typical Mic/Camera permission. It focuses more on aesthetics than a lot of flashlight apps and it really looks beautiful. It also has a strobe option which can be adjusted if you need it.

  1. Tiny Flashlight + LED

It is yet another minimal app which is only 1 MB in size. It comes with home screen widget that can be themed. It has strobe lights like police lights and Morse code and very little permission. It really looks beautiful and it’s been around. It is almost trusted app and it has over 100 million downloads.

  1. TeslaLED Flashlight

It has decent interface, home screen widget which can be themed, and very small permission list. It has standard features like Morse code and strobing.

  1. Torch

This is yet another user friendly app as it has been integrated in custom ROMs earlier. It may be recognized by some root users. It has no screen flashlight but has a home screen widget.

7 Best Android Apps For Photo Editing

With the help of some extra apps and unmatched performance, Smartphone camera technology has truly outperformed digital cameras. Here is the list of best photo editing apps to make your photos appear even better.

1. Prisma

This flagship app can transform your ordinary photo into a creative piece of art. You have to choose a photo from gallery or take a photo through the app and it shows 30 canvas filters by famous styles and artists – from ukiyo-e Japanese style to pop art and from Munch to Picasso – to choose from. The images are known to be filtered well with artificial intelligence which processes every image in a unique way and it consistently improved the quality of results.

2. Photoshop Express and Lightroom from Adobe

These free apps from Adobe contain in-app purchases. Adobe has significantly improved their mobile apps over the year and Photoshop Express and Lightroom are taking charge in the photo editing app market. Both of them are powerful and sync to desktop versions if you are using Adobe Creative Cloud. Lightroom can adjust photos with one touch and Photo Express has cropping, adding filters, and auto-fix functions to smooth the rough edges out. Both of these apps are vital for photography lovers.

3. AirBrush

If you are obsessed with taking selfies, this app has quick edits and fixes for your skin and face, with teeth whitening, blemish remover, reshaping tools, a feature to make eyes look sharper and brighter and lots of filters to add spice to your selfies.

4. Pixlr by AutoDesk

The well-known Pixlr Express or Pixlr is a photo editor and has a lot of one-touch features and tools to use. It has a lot of filters and cosmetic editing tools like teeth whiteners and blemish removers.

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is known to be the most unique photo editor by Google scooped up around a few years ago and has become one of the leading photo editing apps available for Android. It can support RAW photos that photographers love. It has a lot of one-touch tools and sliders to tune up the images.

6. PhotoDirector

With PhotoDirector by Cyberlink, you can easily and instantly add overlays to the images and get creative with various photo styles and effects. You can step up things a bit and use more advanced features like HSL and RGB curves.

4. VSCO Cam

It provides a superior outlet to photography lovers to share and explore. It has a lot of photo-altering tools and presets to turn your daily landscape photos into visually stunning product. You can share photos over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram after editing.

5. Rage Comics

Jokes and memes are everywhere. You can engage with tomfoolery more frequently. It has over 30 stickers to show off the well-known meme faces to add comedic effect to any photo. It’s goofy, funny and absolutely free.

6. Cupslice

This photo editor is incredibly simple and easy to use and ideal for novice photographers. It has a long list of tools, effects and photo editing options. Turning normal photos into visually stunning artwork is a breeze. You can upload any completed picture to loads of social media platforms.

7. Adobe Aviary

Adobe Aviary is a namesake app in the year 2014 and it has access to some of the proprietary types of files from Adobe – Photoshop PSD files – with connectivity to the online portfolios of BeHance and capability to link to Creative Cloud account in exchange for in-app purchases of Aviary.  This photo editor still continues to give an easy and quick way to photography lovers for any editing job. It has applicable stickers, one-touch controls and some effects and filters.


10 best Music apps for Android

These days, many people have switched to some kinds of music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Hungama, Gaana etc. But it is not possible to have internet connection everywhere. If you have your personal collection and default music player is not enough for your needs, here are our top picks for your Android device.


1. Google Play Music

It is both an individual music player and music streaming app. It can access music files on your device. You can also upload around 50000 songs on Google Play Music and stream your songs you like. It also features the subscription to let you access all the content. It is a great blend to use your existing music to enhance your experience.

2. BlackPlayer

It is an elegant yet simple music player which operates on tab form that can be customized to use only those you need. It has widgets, equalizer, ID3 tag editor, scrobbling, themes, ad-free and support for different music files. It is really simply and amazing option for music lovers. The paid version has a lot more features.

3. jetAudio

It has long being the favorite app for Android users and it is simple for everyone to use. It is simple enough for every user and it has a lot of audio enhancements as plugins to streamline your music experience. It has equalizer with 32 presets, tag editor, widgets, effects like bass boost and even MIDI playback. Both paid and free versions are almost same but paid one removes ads and adds themes.

4. n7Player

Rather than getting music list sorted in different ways, it forms a huge collage style music list that can be scrolled and listened. It also has volume normalization, 10-band equalizer, scrobbling, tag editor and loads of other features.

5. MediaMonkey

It is something like a dark horse in the business of music player. It comes with loads of organizational features for things like podcasts, audiobooks and options to sort songs by composer.  It also comes with basic tools like equalizer. It can sync your library from your phone to PC through Wi-Fi. It has got simple interface and a solid option.

6. Stellio

For music lovers, it’s quite an unsung hero which provides great performance. It has stunning user interface and you will truly be impressed with it. The animations, transitions and smooth performance are literally a delight. It has loads of playback features like 12-bands equalizer, crossfade, 13 audio effects like Balance, Tone, Echo, Z-Treble, Reverb, VolumeAmp, etc. it supports loads of audio formats like mp3, wav, ogg, flac, m4a, mp4, mp+, etc.

7. Amazon Music

Like Google, Amazon also combines its music streaming with music store which looks decent. It also provides a cloud locker to access your own collection on any of your device. It can play almost everything stored locally.

8. Phonograph

The stunning Material Design makes this player really impressive. It has some cool gestures to enjoy very easy navigation. It doesn’t have several advanced features but interface is really a delight. It has sleep timer, equalizer, gapless playback support, queues and several audio effects.

9. GoneMAD

It is yet another great music player app that is powered by Material Design UI which adds to its glory. The app can support all the audio formats like mp3, aac (m4a/mp4/m4b), flac, ogg, tta, opus, ape, tta, wma, wav etc. It has thousands of themes for customization and some amazing features like gapless playback, crossfade, gain control, smart playlists, equalizer, virtualizer, DSP Limiter etc.

10. Pixel

It is yet another new player app which gives great experience. It has modern interface and looks like BlackPlayer. It supports all the well known audio formats.


10 Best Video Player Apps for Android

Music and videos are viewed on various mobile devices and consumption is rising these days. A lot of people are stuck in default or built-in Android video players. But there are third-party video players which are far better to play videos, with some extra features and ability to support multiple formats and codec. Here are some of the best video players.


  1. VLC by VideoLAN

Many video players come and go, but no one can match the class of VLC. It is a must-have video player for your smartphone. Even if you have URL, you can stream videos with it. It can play even some unique video formats like DVD ISOs. You don’t need to download any additional plug-in as it has all the codecs in-built. It can support almost all video formats that your default player cannot. Some of the great features are full media support, subtitle support, multi-track audio and even more.


  1. MX Player

After VLC, it is yet another popular video player which supports different formats and plays videos well. It also has panning (to scrub the video) and pinching (to zoom in). You can also move subtitles.  It also has Hindi interface and optimized for Android TV. It loads automatic subtitle downloads, themes and everything quickly and smoothly.


  1. DicePlayer

Several file formats and encoding had never been an issue because a lot of players played virtually anything on Android. It is among the most popular players on Android and it has features like support for several subtitle and audio tracks, pop out play, and hardware accelerated video playback which is literally smooth. It has Material Design UI on latest version.


  1. BlackPlayer EX

It has very customizable interface and audio features. You can also customize the background and blur album art as background. It can customize your experience and it’s a great appeal to use Android. You can create your own media experience with it.


  1. LocalCast

It is supposed to be the rival of AllCast and they both perform almost the same. Some of the great features are streaming video from device to Xbox 360/One, Chromecast, Fire Stick, Roku or Apple TV. You can also stream from Dropbox or Google Srive and it works on a lot of devices supporting DLNA. In codec support, it is limited to what Chromecast can. It’s one of those video players which work on the same function.


  1. AC3 Player

For Android users, AC3 codec is not supported in most video players. But AC3 player is a user-friendly app to play this tricky codec without any extra downloads or plugins. It supposes several other audio and video codecs. It also has playback speed control, subtitle support and sleep timer.

  1. AllCast

It sends locally-stored content to Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One/360, Chromecast and other devices. It supports various types of media along with videos.

  1. Wondershare

It comes with some of the unique features unlike other video players. It not only plays videos stored on your device, but also acts as a hub for streaming videos. Videos can be seen on sites like Vevo, YouTube, ESPN, TED and Hulu. It supports all the popular video codecs and audio files.

  1. MoboPlayer

It is one of the video players which have been around for a long time. It had a lot of time to improve with time. It supports all video formats but you may often have to switch to software decoding. You can stream through RTSP and HTTP protocols.

  1. Plex

It is the best solution if you have just 32GB of memory and lots of videos to play. You can set up a server on PC and stream content from PC to your phone. You don’t have to store all files on device.

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