10 Best Torch Apps for Android

A lot of phone makers have been adding a flashlight app or a toggle in settings. But there are still some smartphones that don’t have default flashlight app. So, we have listed some of the third-party Flashlight apps that have become a lot popular for a good reason.


  1. Color Flashlight

It is one of the best torch apps available on Google Play as it has lots of amazing features. It needs lowest permissions and it can turn your LED flash on. It can also turn your device’s screen into LED flashlight of different shapes, colors, patterns and sizes. Though it contains ads, it doesn’t have any permission limitation to transfer your personal data.

  1. Flashlight by SimGears

This app includes 4 widgets which can be placed on your lock screen or home screen to provide easy access to flashlight. It also comes with in-built functionality where it detects that you have kept your phone into pocket and turns the flashlight off automatically to save time and battery. It stays on even the screen is locked. If you don’t like annoying ads, you can easily disable them in app settings.

  1. Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc

Also known as Flashlight, this app is powered by Mobile Apps Inc. It features decent interface, in-built SOS signal, if you need any help, and a slider to change patterns. The app also features a compass if you are on the dark way and need both compass and flashlight.

  1. Flashlight HD LED

It is yet another app which uses both your LED flash and home screen to make flashlight. You can control Flashlight HD LED through your home screen widget which is added. You can also transform your screen into flashlight and use your desired color from the color picker option. Without any whistles and bells, it is very simple.

  1. Privacy Flashlight

Privacy Flashlight is made by SnoopWall. As the name suggests, it fulfills the need of privacy. This flashlight app actually stands true to its name.  It uses only a few permissions which are important and is very small sized, i.e. below 1 MB. It also features widget for a minimal app interface. For fun read, it also describes the issue with flashlight and privacy concerns are far more detailed.

  1. Flashlight Mega Flashlight

It is yet another flashlight app which works with both LED flash and device screen on its back. This device can literally switch in different patterns, such as Morse code and emergency. This app is very simple and app description explains why its camera asks for camera permissions.

  1. Super Bright LED Flashlight

It is actually a very popular and interesting app and it just asks for typical Mic/Camera permission. It focuses more on aesthetics than a lot of flashlight apps and it really looks beautiful. It also has a strobe option which can be adjusted if you need it.

  1. Tiny Flashlight + LED

It is yet another minimal app which is only 1 MB in size. It comes with home screen widget that can be themed. It has strobe lights like police lights and Morse code and very little permission. It really looks beautiful and it’s been around. It is almost trusted app and it has over 100 million downloads.

  1. TeslaLED Flashlight

It has decent interface, home screen widget which can be themed, and very small permission list. It has standard features like Morse code and strobing.

  1. Torch

This is yet another user friendly app as it has been integrated in custom ROMs earlier. It may be recognized by some root users. It has no screen flashlight but has a home screen widget.

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