5 best Time Machine Alternatives for Windows

Time Machine is an excellent backup and disaster recovery feature on Mac OSX. It mounts the image of your OS, such as your personal data, files, installed apps, settings and everything at certain intervals and they are stored in a safe location on different mediums of external storage. In case of failure, you can restore your data to their actual state.  By default, Windows lacks this feature. So, there are some third-party alternatives to do the job. Here are the top picks for Windows.

  1. Genie Timeline

It is definitely the best Time Machine alternative. It features 3-step process that works on “Set it and Leave” approach. You don’t need any further intervention to preserve backup. This app is integrated with Windows Explorer that has some visual indicators. You cannot just control the process with context menu, but can also see the files that you have backed up. It supports several third-party services for cloud storage and servers and network drives and also has iPad/iPhone apps to view backup status on the go. It is available for free trail. The paid version costs $39.95 but it is certainly worth it as this software also supports Windows Xp.

2. CrashPlan

It is yet another strong competitor of Genie Timeline. It has two versions – Subscription Model and Limited Free Version. The subscription one has lots of advanced functions.  Free version provides quite decent package for personal use. It offers backup to your external hard drive and other networked PCs. Free version, without file size restrictions, is sensible enough to perform differential and incremental backups, apply protected storage and encryption and track deleted files. The subscription version has support for consistent backups, backups to online locations, gives free upgrades and even more.

3. Backblaze

It is yet another cloud-based backup program which doesn’t cost much. The way it restores your data is simply amazing. With its unlimited online backup, you cannot just download and restore data on the web, but can also order an external hard drive or USB drive that contains all your files. You can get it for a fee and return the device within 30 days and get the full refund. It is among the unique backup programs which provide backup on external drive to the cloud and all your data is kept secured. The subscription starts from just $5 per month.

4. DriveImage XML

Among several backup solutions, DriveImage XML is totally different, though limited for casual user. It can backup drive images – both partitions and logical – to the image files which can be recovered to same or different drive and it can create mirror image. In return, these images can be stored to universal format and they can be accessible in several third-party tools without requiring DriveImage on target PC. Since data is stored in XML format, one can easily access it and retrieve files when needed. It creates images also of those drives which are being used, through Microsoft VSS. It is available with commercial license which costs $100 and free version for personal use.

5. Mozy

It is not only a backup solution. It is different from the rest. It is claimed to be “cloud data protection service” and security is the core of its model. Everything synced and backed up with Mozy goes through military-level encryption. So, it provides true file sync and all the backup data can be accessed through web interface or dedicated apps for Android and iPhone. It also has behind-the-scenes, automatic backup with sensible bandwidth management. The data backup solution is the one that makes Mozy unique.

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