7 Best Music Player Apps for iOS

The stock music app on Apple offers you to choose the music you want to listen to quickly and easily. However, while Apple is showing constant interest in streaming music, it has not focused on creating a powerful music player for its iOS ecosystem.

But, if you are looking for more playlist options, social integration, or a safer option while driving, The App Store has several music app alternatives to offer you.

Most of these alternative apps try to simplify the experience of playing songs on your IOS device or offer more natural ways of controlling your listening sessions. Music on the iPhone is not only about the playback features but also about usability factor too.

I can’t promise you that this is the list of best music player apps for your iOS device. But, these music player apps have different features, usability, technology, and art to offer you.

  1. Ecoute

This music player app is best for quick playback on your iOS device. Ecoute opens with a welcoming grid of album art. This app is the most well designed and elegant music app. Ecoute love by users for it dark mode on low light, the smoothness of navigation and the overall simplicity of this app.

You can switch the main view from albums to artists, composers, genres, playlists, compilations, songs, and Audiobooks according to your choice.

Ecoute is happily integrating AirPlay and iTunes Match. Also, Twitter, Facebook, and Last.fm so you can share your favorite tracks there.

  1. Cesium

Cesium feels a lot like greeting an old school. Although, it visually looks like a modern version of the native Music app. This music app is very easy to use – easily reached with one hand and simple gesture oriented. It is liked by users for the purpose of it customizable, organized, and stable features.

You can swipe left to add to queue, swipe right to play or shuffle. You can also edit, reorder or shuffle your Queue at any time. Cesium app lets you sort playlists by artist, album, year and more. Use Classical Mode to sort preferred genres by the composer. It comes with features like Customizable Tabs, Night Mode, Custom Themes, Landscape Mode.

Cesium can gladly stream and play from your iCloud music library.

  1. TapTunes

TapTunes is best for rediscovering your music collection. It is not only stylish in appearance, but also equally powerful in performance. You can definitely discover your music collection in a new way with their highly customizable advanced options. You will experience your collection like never before.

TapTunes offers you five unique displays, gesture playback controls, music shuffle. It also offers seamless switching between music, audiobooks, and podcasts. You can highly customize your collection with over 25 settings. You can also share your collection to Facebook, Twitter, messages, email, etc.

  1. iAudioGate

iAudioGate is best for the high-end audio experience. This music player app is famous for high-quality sound playback engine. It has the ability to play DSD format and recognized as a world leader in DSD technology.

Also, iAudioGate can play a wide range of audio types. You can also easily adjust their the high-definition graphic equalizer. It comes with a feature to reproduce your favorite music with higher quality. It allows you to stream directly from AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.

  1. Stezza

Stezza is famous for simple, distraction-free and decent playback. This player offers you an awesome alternative with large buttons and a bold interface. Its interface helps you to reach main buttons with one hand. You can give a quick glimpse everything you need on the main screen. It can play directly from your iTunes library and also has the ability to stream in iCloud Music.

You can find this player is very useful when you are at the gym or driving a car.

  1. Picky

Picky gives you full control over how you want to browse and want to listen to your collections. It lets you filter your library to choose exactly the music you want to hear. Picky is helpful to them who carry lots of music on their iOS device.

  1. Musicloud

This free app created to give you a smooth experience while listening, managing and syncing your music collection. You can access your favorite music across all platforms and all cloud systems. Also, Musicloud allows you to sort your collection by artist, track name, date, duration. It also displays lyrics while listening to music. This player also comes with stylish audio visualizer and an equalizer with BassBooster.

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