7 Best Android Apps For Photo Editing

With the help of some extra apps and unmatched performance, Smartphone camera technology has truly outperformed digital cameras. Here is the list of best photo editing apps to make your photos appear even better.

1. Prisma

This flagship app can transform your ordinary photo into a creative piece of art. You have to choose a photo from gallery or take a photo through the app and it shows 30 canvas filters by famous styles and artists – from ukiyo-e Japanese style to pop art and from Munch to Picasso – to choose from. The images are known to be filtered well with artificial intelligence which processes every image in a unique way and it consistently improved the quality of results.

2. Photoshop Express and Lightroom from Adobe

These free apps from Adobe contain in-app purchases. Adobe has significantly improved their mobile apps over the year and Photoshop Express and Lightroom are taking charge in the photo editing app market. Both of them are powerful and sync to desktop versions if you are using Adobe Creative Cloud. Lightroom can adjust photos with one touch and Photo Express has cropping, adding filters, and auto-fix functions to smooth the rough edges out. Both of these apps are vital for photography lovers.

3. AirBrush

If you are obsessed with taking selfies, this app has quick edits and fixes for your skin and face, with teeth whitening, blemish remover, reshaping tools, a feature to make eyes look sharper and brighter and lots of filters to add spice to your selfies.

4. Pixlr by AutoDesk

The well-known Pixlr Express or Pixlr is a photo editor and has a lot of one-touch features and tools to use. It has a lot of filters and cosmetic editing tools like teeth whiteners and blemish removers.

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is known to be the most unique photo editor by Google scooped up around a few years ago and has become one of the leading photo editing apps available for Android. It can support RAW photos that photographers love. It has a lot of one-touch tools and sliders to tune up the images.

6. PhotoDirector

With PhotoDirector by Cyberlink, you can easily and instantly add overlays to the images and get creative with various photo styles and effects. You can step up things a bit and use more advanced features like HSL and RGB curves.

4. VSCO Cam

It provides a superior outlet to photography lovers to share and explore. It has a lot of photo-altering tools and presets to turn your daily landscape photos into visually stunning product. You can share photos over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram after editing.

5. Rage Comics

Jokes and memes are everywhere. You can engage with tomfoolery more frequently. It has over 30 stickers to show off the well-known meme faces to add comedic effect to any photo. It’s goofy, funny and absolutely free.

6. Cupslice

This photo editor is incredibly simple and easy to use and ideal for novice photographers. It has a long list of tools, effects and photo editing options. Turning normal photos into visually stunning artwork is a breeze. You can upload any completed picture to loads of social media platforms.

7. Adobe Aviary

Adobe Aviary is a namesake app in the year 2014 and it has access to some of the proprietary types of files from Adobe – Photoshop PSD files – with connectivity to the online portfolios of BeHance and capability to link to Creative Cloud account in exchange for in-app purchases of Aviary.  This photo editor still continues to give an easy and quick way to photography lovers for any editing job. It has applicable stickers, one-touch controls and some effects and filters.

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