10 Best features of MS Word + 1 Word Trick at The End

Microsoft Word is unquestionably one of the most commonly used applications today. The application is popular for both personal and professional fronts because it doesn’t require very high-order skills and is very convenient to use. However, there may be a good number of amateurs who have just started using the application. And to utilize MS Word in an optimum manner, one must know about certain features inbuilt in the application. Below mentioned are 10 best features of MS Word that would enable users to carry out a vast multitude of tasks even more efficiently.

  1. Spelling and Grammar Check

Users can check for grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes in a single go to ensure perfection and flawlessness of their write-ups.  The keyboard shortcut to the spelling test is F7. Other than this, users can run a full-fledged spelling check from the Review Tab. Upon selecting the Spelling and Grammar option, a dialog box will appear on the screen. Users can then follow the suggestions given and make spelling changes accordingly.

  1. Find and Replace

Users can save their valuable time and make changes in particular phrases, words or sentences or even replace them. The Find option will highlight the word/s that the user wishes to change. Then by using the Replace option, one can do the replacements/changing either in a single go or even individually.

  1. Insertion of Watermarks

One can insert watermarks in documents and pieces of special importance and protect the same without having to do multiple edits. Users can choose watermarks according to the objectives of the document. Other than the default watermarks, they can even insert their own customized pictures. The watermark feature in MS Word is best for incorporating brand logos for business report purposes. Moreover, to prevent recipients from editing the documents, users must primarily save it in a PDF format.

  1. Hyperlink Interaction!

In order to make the documents more reader friendly, users can insert hyperlinks along with the text which directs readers to a web page of their choice. This can be implemented by right clicking the text or image where one wishes to direct the users to another web page. The hyperlink feature is a creative way of visually interacting with the readers in a better manner.

  1. Professional look using Header and Footer

The next best feature on MS Word is Header and Footer option. This feature allows the users to save space on specific areas in the document. Other than being a space savior, it also gives the document a professional and furnished look. If one wishes to add page numbers to the document, then this feature is what the users must use.

  1. Assessment of writing technicality

Apart from the Spell Check feature, MS Word also allows users to assess the user’s writing and its complexity. Go to File => Options=> Proofing, the box adjacent to ‘Show Readability Statistics’ must be ticked.

Along with providing suggestions for misspelled wordings, now Word will also provide the user with readability scores, a breakdown of the word count and words per sentence.

  1. Customize Autocorrect option

As the name suggests, the AutoCorrect feature automatically corrects misspelled words and phrases in the document. Although this feature saves time, sometimes it can be a little frustrating especially when the article one is writing contains a lot of unique wordings and phrases. Users can turn this feature off and customize it according to their preferences. One must select the Proofing option under the Options menu (in the File tab) and subsequently select an AutoCorrect option. Then a dialog box appears where users can change the AutoCorrect settings accordingly.

  1. Insert Comments and Suggestions

One can easily insert comments or suggestions depending upon one’s needs. Select the text, and go to the tab Review => New Comment, and Write the comment.

Then, just write the comment you want which can be for instructing the person whom you are going to send the document with the comments.

  1. Capitalization feature

If users accidentally appear to write say 20 lines with the Caps Lock button ON then they can quickly rectify it without having to delete and rewrite the whole text. For making the changes, one must primarily highlight the text, go to the Home tab and then use the ‘Aa’ customization to select the capitalization format one wishes to use.


You can see there are formats such as Setence Case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize Each Word, and tOGGLE cAse. You can choose UPPERCASE to capitalize.

  1. Site Citations!

The citation feature offered in MS Word proves to be the best feature where research scholars and students are required to create a bibliography for their projects. To do this, you just need to go to the tab Reference => Insert Citation.

Then you can see more stuff that you have to fill as per requirement.


Apart from exploring the Microsoft Word application on their own, knowledge of the features above would help users in becoming a professional in no time. The helpful features are not only fun to use but also help save precious amounts of time and add optimum efficiency and quality in one’s work.

Since we are talking about Microsoft Word, we found a trick on YouTube that you must like to try out. And the trick is you can extract all the images from a Word Document in just a few clicks. We all know when we have written a long article with lots of screenshots, it becomes tough to save images one by one from the doc, and then upload on the blog. So, this trick helps extract images at once, and then just upload on the blog. Simple!

Rather than writing the trick, we are sharing the video in which you will see how to do it.

Happy Blogging. Enjoy.

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