10 Best Video Player Apps for Android

Music and videos are viewed on various mobile devices and consumption is rising these days. A lot of people are stuck in default or built-in Android video players. But there are third-party video players which are far better to play videos, with some extra features and ability to support multiple formats and codec. Here are some of the best video players.


  1. VLC by VideoLAN

Many video players come and go, but no one can match the class of VLC. It is a must-have video player for your smartphone. Even if you have URL, you can stream videos with it. It can play even some unique video formats like DVD ISOs. You don’t need to download any additional plug-in as it has all the codecs in-built. It can support almost all video formats that your default player cannot. Some of the great features are full media support, subtitle support, multi-track audio and even more.


  1. MX Player

After VLC, it is yet another popular video player which supports different formats and plays videos well. It also has panning (to scrub the video) and pinching (to zoom in). You can also move subtitles.  It also has Hindi interface and optimized for Android TV. It loads automatic subtitle downloads, themes and everything quickly and smoothly.


  1. DicePlayer

Several file formats and encoding had never been an issue because a lot of players played virtually anything on Android. It is among the most popular players on Android and it has features like support for several subtitle and audio tracks, pop out play, and hardware accelerated video playback which is literally smooth. It has Material Design UI on latest version.


  1. BlackPlayer EX

It has very customizable interface and audio features. You can also customize the background and blur album art as background. It can customize your experience and it’s a great appeal to use Android. You can create your own media experience with it.


  1. LocalCast

It is supposed to be the rival of AllCast and they both perform almost the same. Some of the great features are streaming video from device to Xbox 360/One, Chromecast, Fire Stick, Roku or Apple TV. You can also stream from Dropbox or Google Srive and it works on a lot of devices supporting DLNA. In codec support, it is limited to what Chromecast can. It’s one of those video players which work on the same function.


  1. AC3 Player

For Android users, AC3 codec is not supported in most video players. But AC3 player is a user-friendly app to play this tricky codec without any extra downloads or plugins. It supposes several other audio and video codecs. It also has playback speed control, subtitle support and sleep timer.

  1. AllCast

It sends locally-stored content to Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One/360, Chromecast and other devices. It supports various types of media along with videos.

  1. Wondershare

It comes with some of the unique features unlike other video players. It not only plays videos stored on your device, but also acts as a hub for streaming videos. Videos can be seen on sites like Vevo, YouTube, ESPN, TED and Hulu. It supports all the popular video codecs and audio files.

  1. MoboPlayer

It is one of the video players which have been around for a long time. It had a lot of time to improve with time. It supports all video formats but you may often have to switch to software decoding. You can stream through RTSP and HTTP protocols.

  1. Plex

It is the best solution if you have just 32GB of memory and lots of videos to play. You can set up a server on PC and stream content from PC to your phone. You don’t have to store all files on device.

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