5 New Whatsapp Tips and Tricks 2016

Whatsapp has quickly risen from a small startup to one of the most successful instant messaging apps in the world. It is certainly the creator of your social life too.

Now most of us are part of over a billion users on the growing network. And as usual, you are looking for ways to make our WhatsApp experience a little smoother. Though you use it each and every day, you may be unaware of the cool tricks and secret opinions you can do with this app.

Well, here we present you 5 New Whatsapp Tricks of 2016 to make your Whatsapp life bit easier.

  1. Send the same message to multiple contacts (without them knowing)

There is a feature called “Broadcast Lists” in the top left of the WhatsApp chat screen. This lets you send the same message to multiple people at the same time without them knowing. These features work like the BCC function on emails.

It is best used when you want to invite people to a party or asking multiple people for any event. At least it’s better than the Facebook event or group chat. It gives them a feel that you are asking them personally. Because they will have no idea that the message was not only sent to them but everyone from your list.

Just go to ‘Chats’ and open ‘Broadcast Lists’ from the upper-left corner, click on the ‘New List’, add your desired contacts and write them your message, and finally hit send.

  1. Format the text in WhatsApp messages

After a long time of waiting, Whatsapp finally comes with text formatting features with their latest update. Now you can format your messages by adding symbols in before and after.

* To make your message or specific words bold in Whatsapp just add asterisks symbols in before and after. e.g. I am *working* now.

* For make your message or specific words italic in Whatsapp just add underscores symbols in before and after. e.g. I am very _sad_ now.

* To make your message or specific words strikethrough in Whatsapp just add tildes symbols in before and after. e.g. ~I am busy now~

You can also use multiple symbols before and after a word, such as I am _*busy*_ now

  1. Avoid the trouble of blue ticks

Blue ticks in Whatsapp can break you happy lives and relationships. But there have an always a way to get rid.

In this case, Whatsapp read receipt relies on your internet connection so if you can close the internet, there will not have to worry about blue ticks anymore.

Just active the airplane mode, read the message in WhatsApp and properly close down the app. Again deactivate your airplane mode, do your rest of work and live happily ever after.

  1. Stop people knowing when you were online

This feature is the disgusting part of any messaging apps. The ‘last seen’ or ‘last online’ option give your personal information to someone. E.g. when you start your study or go to bed.

Just go inside your Privacy settings, tap Last Seen and customize who can see your last online activity. You can customize for certain people or everyone.

  1. Find out who are your best friend (messages most)

Whatsapp is now our social world. We like to know who reply us most or who is your best social friend. Go to settings in WhatsApp, and then account. Now click on ‘Storage Usage’ and you are now able to see whom you messages most.

Also, you can now use WhatsApp on your computer by visiting web.whatsapp.com on your browser. You can also share documents directly from your Google Drive or iCloud Drive into a WhatsApp chat by tapping upper-left corner and select share documents.


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