What is Whatsdog? Its Alternatives

Whatsapp is one of the most widespread and popular social messaging apps for all mobile users. Almost everyone is using this app today for business or private messaging. Since it has been used by many people, it is very difficult to keep an eye on someone’s activity, when they are using this app, how long they stayed online, and how many times they stayed online, etc. To do this, you need a spy app known as WhatsDog. This spy app is designed to monitor the online activity of your contacts. This app is quite easy to use. It is best for parents to keep track on the online activity of their children.

 Having Security is very important on Whatsapp and everyone should use it to avoid unwanted activities.  This way, WhatsDog will do it for you to track online activity of anyone. But there are several other apps that can track activities of other people online.


It shows the detailed log of the person so you can know who they are talking to, including their number and name.  It emails the whole chat log to your registered email address. This app also allows you to record calls on the target device. You can trace all the received and sent SMS on the device with this app. In fact, you can also trace the location of the target device. All you have to enable mobile data, GPS and Google location services.


mSpy is a well-known spy portal offering parents with the access to their kid and management to their staff’s mobile phones. Be it Viber, FB, Email, Whatsapp or any app tracking, mSpy can offer you access to any device. It has a lot of amazing features under professional and personal tracking packages.  You may get more details on the official site and choose the package according to your needs. It gives you full-term user-friendly Android/iPhone monitoring features.


This app has features to track people’s behavior and phone monitoring on any device. This spyware app can help you see their activity on your device. Once the installation is done, you can immediately start spying on any number. It records all details and reveals how they are listed while buying the package. You may also get sensitive details with these packages and intercept the entire chat data with ease.


It is one of the best tracking apps offering several features needed by spyware. It has a unique feature to spy on the activity of someone else without letting them know. It has helpful customer care and effective plans for both professional and personal use. You can get the info without letting anyone know about it. You can spy on Whatsapp and do the spying on account of anyone.


This app is helpful to silently monitor iDevices and Smartphones. You can monitor the real data and access any device with this tracking app.


It is yet another best spy tool to track Whatsapp conversation. You can trace anyone’s activity in real time. Cellphone tracking is not a hard thing to do with this mobile app. You can spy on various activities.

Highster Mobile

This tracker app comes with the best tablet and iDevice solutions. It is also helpful to trace other smartphones and devices but it lies well with iDevices. Jailbreaking these devices are important to download any kind of spying tool. You can do it with ease. You can download the app and start targeting device


This is the app used to monitor your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend to check their loyalty and get the best insight on what they are doing in your absence. Having a trust in relationship is important. But having blind trust on someone can sometimes be dangerous.

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